Yuvan to get Divorce for 2nd Time, Says he wants to Marry again !

The Rockstar of Kollywood, The 'Ilaiyanagni' Yuvan Shankar Raja has been the talk of town today after he recently confirmed that he is going to get divorce from his second wife Shilpa Mohan. Yuvan married Sujaya Chandran on March 21, 2005 but they split due to difference of opinion, Yuvan then married Shilpa on September 1st, 2011.

Now sources report that Shilpa is currently living with her parents in London having separated from Yuvan, Now Yuvan in a recent interaction has stated that he would like to get married for the third time and he feels very lonely these days. 

Yuvan's comment on Marriage has got the entire industry buzzing, Here is Yuvan interview to Times of India where he explains his relationship status 

"I first got married when I was 25, but my marriage lasted for three months. I again married when I was 30, but am now separated and on the way to getting a divorce. I feel very lonely and would like to get married again and have a family. The main problem with me is that I need to give more time to my relationship. I do minimum 10 films every year and I'm always preoccupied. I love to help people. While for big films, I charge commercially, I have also done films for free for struggling people. My father too has helped a lot of people in his life and is not commercial-minded. If a producer's wife came to her to tell her that her husband had no money, my mother would request my dad to help. I too have imbibed that."


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