Unseen Gallery of Kamal Haasan's Marudhanayagam

The Unseen Gallery of Ulaganayagan's 
Dream Project Marudhanayagam

Here is the Trailer from the epic movie which was 
dropped by Kamal Haasan due to insufficient funds.

I'm not a Star like Vijay reveals this Bollywood Actor

Upcoming Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor in a recent interview has revealed that he is not a star like Ilayathalapathy Vijay. The Bollywood young gun is currently gearing up for a Bollywood remake of the Ilayathalapathy's Ghilli. Here's what Arjun had to say on the remake
My father was keen on making the movie in Hindi and I am happy I can be a part of it. The shooting hasn't started as yet. We have tweaked the story a bit. The Hindi version will be based in Agra. We have also toned down the humour a bit. Since it came out almost 10 years back, we needed to add little more logic to make it suitable for today's audience. Also, we need to make some more changes because Okkadu and Gilli were written for stars, I am not a star; Vijay and Mahesh Babu are stars.

Rakul Preet Singh's Sizzling Gallery

Rahul Preet Singh's Sizzling Gallery


Yuvan Shankar Raja's Birthday Special

In another few hours, Our Ilaya Isaignani Yuvan Shankar Raja
 is about to celebrate his 34th Birthday. 
Here is a SS Music Special Poll where you the fans 
get to vote for Yuvan Shankar Raja's Favourite Album till date...

Updated 1/09/2013
We asked you the fans to vote for your Favourite Album of Yuvan,
 You Chose .......Mankatha !!! 

Here is the complete poll results

Karthi Does it first time in Kollywood

Director Rajesh's All in Azhagu Raja starring Karthi, Kajal Aggarwal, Prabhu and Santhanam is fast progressing. According the movie story there is a flashback scene for Prabhu which goes back to his youth days. Initially the team thought of making Prabhu do the flashback scenes but when they conducted the make-up test, Prabhu's huge built made it very difficult to get the young look.
So they brought in many people and tested them for the get-up but nothing seemed to have worked out. It was this juncture that Director Rajesh came up with the idea of casting Karthi as the young prabhu. Karthi plays the son of Prabhu in the movie and director knowing that most of the sons resemble their father has cast Karthi to play the young prabhu role.
In development Karthi is currently watching movies that Prabhu had acted while he was young, In Order to learn his mannerisms. This duo-role by Karthi would be definitely be something new in Kollywood.

I'm Not Married Says Anjali

Actress Anjali shocked the Kollywood industry yet again after reports claimed Anjali had gone missing yet again. The reports had it that Anjali had married a politician's son and had settled up in United States. Anjali was even unavailable for the Telugu dubbing of Vishal's Madha Gaja Raja, No matter how hard the makers tried, They were unable to contact Anjali.
However Anjali has refuted all the above reports by releasing an official note stating "I'm not married, I was shocked to read the news that I am married to a Politician's son. It was a biased and wrong report. I wish to make it clear that I am busy shooting for my movies and such news are untrue and false.”
Anjali added that  “The news that I am not co-operating for the dubbing or promotions of the movies are also untrue".

Siva Karthikeyan Clarifies on his off-screen Romance Rumors with Bindu Madhavi

Kollywood had been buzzing 2 days about a possible off-screen romance that might have been brewing between Bindu Madhavi and Siva Karthikeyan. The rumors gained more momentum when Bindu Madhavi accepted to do a special cameo in Siva's Varutha Padatha Valibar Sangam. They were even some rumors of Siva getting divorce from his wife Aarthi.
Upon hearing these rumors Siva Karthikeyan has personally come out and clarified his stand with Bindu Madhavi, Siva Karthikeyan said 
"I would like to clarify that no such thing as mentioned in the rumours is running between me and Bindu. I love my wife and I can clearly distinguish between my career and personal life. My wife is the love of my life and I am happy to be married to her. I take the pleasure of saying this on at the end of three years of our marriage. I request the audience to kindly ignore all the rumours about me."

Siva Karthikeyan and Aarti celebrated their 3rd year anniversary on August 28th, Interestingly Siva and Aarti bought an dinner to Dhanush on their special occasion. Here is the tweet made by Dhanush.

Surya Says He Feels Guilty for being a Bad Brother

Fans check out this heart-touching interview which was given out by actor Surya recently to the Times of India. Here are some excerpts from the interview...

Let's talk about your childhood...

Even though my dad was an actor, I was never exposed to the industry and never visited a set. We watched films as a commoner. I had this inferiority complex as a child, as I was not good at speaking. I was also not good in studies or sports and would often flunk in four-five subjects. My brother, Karthi, who was two years younger to me, was in contrast, good in studies and smart and could entertain 50 people at a time. If I went to an ice-cream parlour, I would not know how to order and would ask Karthi to do it for me. Like my father, he was also good at painting. As kids, we hardly spoke and fought a lot. I would often make fun of him as he was plump. I would bully him as he was scared of darkness. We both went to the same school and once I remember, I was given a role to just stand on one side of the stage and bless like a prop with no dialogue or movement. Whereas, he was playing Balram and had the vibrant role on stage, dancing and singing. Just before he went on stage, I pulled his necklace on purpose. I was so bad to him.

He cried, put on another necklace but still performed very well and I felt, 'Shit, he still did it.' Even when he was in LKG, girls would find him cute and would come pulling his cheek while nobody bothered about me. We went to the same computer class, he would get the marks, whereas I would fail. It was not that every time I was against him, but we had once gone to an exhibition when I was six and this computer horoscope thing told us that we had enemy grahas and that we would always fight. Even though it was totally illogical, it stuck in my head. I also feel guilty that I was not a good brother to him and did not support him or guide him and always grudged him his attention. My parents too knew that he was smarter, but my mother also knew that I was the weaker child and would not ask for anything myself, so had a softer corner for me.

I really got close to my brother when he left for the USA and felt that he had to take the hard route and struggle, as I was not successful in the industry. My dad had said, 'Let him stand on his feet and do his MS there.' He studied and became the best student there. He came back and wanted to be an actor, but started assisting Mani sir instead. I did not know he wanted to become an actor, till my cousin told me. I went to him and said, 'Karthi, I am sorry, I have never supported you.' He still said, 'No. I have always looked up to you and am proud of you. It is a challenge for me how I should live up to you.' He put it that way and I became closer to him. Even today, while my father has more confidence in Karthi and he knows he can handle any script or director and make everyone his fan and while I may still be short-tempered and may not show my emotions, I know I have made my parents proud.

What attracted you to your wife Jyothika?

I met her in 1999, when she was shooting her first film Poovellam Kettuppar, which happened to be my fifth film. Even though my career was not successful at that time, she became a big star post the film. I was attracted to her for her sincerity. Even though she was a Mumbai girl, who did not know Tamil, she learnt the language and would not fumble with her lines being the only woman amongst men on the set. She had no ego and I liked the way she would treat her assistants and I saw her grow as an actor. But we did not share mobile numbers till three years later, when I was passing her set, trying to avoid her which she saw and asked her assistant to call me. She said, 'Why are you not saying a hi to me?' She was a big star, while I was still struggling and was doing a film Nandha with Bala at that time.

We started talking and I also invited her to open a snooker joint for one of my friends. My actual big break also came through her for Gautham Menon's Kaakha Kaakha, in which she had already been cast. She could not sit in the audience, watched Nandha from the projector room and recommended me to Gautham that made him cast me. We got married in 2006, post which Jo stopped working. I like the fact that she has always been clear-headed about her opinions and people, is humble and takes good decisions.

Also unlike her, I was not as close to my family and she taught me how to become a good father and disconnect from work at home. She makes me give my kids a bath, take them for a drive, put them to sleep and spend time with them. We are good friends and I don't hide anything from her. Unlike me, who is boring, she is fun and speaks a lot. Apart from my director Bala, who always made me realise my potential, she instilled confidence in me. I think Jo likes me being this simple and shy guy despite the family I belong to.

Was films the obvious choice for you?
Post tenth, I got an offer from a neighbour, who was a director who told me he would also convince my dad, but I knew, given my looks and height, I could not be an actor and went on to doing my graduation in Commerce. Being in Loyola College exposed me to other options and gave me confidence, apart from the freedom to bunk classes. I became a merchandiser and then a garment manufacturer and interacting with foreign buyers and manufacturing foreign brands in India, gave me a high. I did that for three years and came to know at that time that my dad was not doing as well and that my mother had borrowed ` 50,000 from a neighbour, which we were not able to return for five months. To start my own business, I would have required at least one crore which, obviously, I could not ask my dad for.

Coincidentally, my dad was returning with director Vasanth from a Singapore function when Vasanth saw me at the airport and offered me a film, which was being produced by Mani Ratnam sir with Vijay in it. Ajith was to play the other hero, but he had backed out, so I was offered the role. The next day, his offer stayed in my head while I was riding my bike to work. I mentioned the same to my friends and they laughed it off and I took that seriously as I felt challenged and said to myself, 'Why not? Let me prove it to them.' Also given that my dad was not going through the best phase of his life, I felt the need to take responsibility and agreed to do the film. When Mani sir saw me and said 200% he can be a good actor, it gave me the confidence. I learnt everything in front of the camera and for the first five years, I was a beggar who took whatever roles I got and none of the films did well till Kaakha Kaakha happened later.

Thala Ajith's Mankatha to be released Again !

Thala's recent blockbuster his landmark 50th movie 'Mankatha' is all set to be released again !!! Yes a Special show has been arranged by New Cleopatra Theatre in Tuticorin on August 31st at 11am. The date marks the second anniversary of the movie and also Yuvan Shankar Raja's Birthday. The money coming up from the screening of Mankatha will be donated to blind students for their education.


Madhurima Latest Sizzling Gallery

Madhurima Latest Sizzling Gallery

Cold War between Vishal and Siva Karthikeyan


Madha Gaja Raja - Why it took so long to Release ?

Vishal's Starrer Madha Gaja Raja directed by Sundar.C featuring Varalaxmi, Anjali and Santhanam has been in the making for quite a while now. The producers of the movie Gemini Company were unable to recover from the huge loss suffered following the release of Mani Ratnam's Kadal were unable to get sufficient funds to complete their Madha Gaja Raja movie. But Vishal recently came up with 30 crores and bought the movie under his Vishal Film Factory and is releasing the movie on September 6th.

Varutha Padatha Valibar Sangam Vs Madha Gaja Raja ? 

Siva Karthikeyan's Varutha Padatha Valibar Sangam is also slated for a September 6th release. The movie makers feared that they would not get the maximum screens if released along with Vishal's Madha Gaja Raja and hence spoke with Vishal and requested him to postpone his movie release. 
Vishal has however excused himself stating it is not possible as he felt the festival date was best time for grand opening.

Fight Between Siva Karthikeyan & Vishal ?

Upon knowledge of the development, Siva Karthikeyan seems to have been furiated asking "Why are you pleading with Vishal, There would be grand opening nevertheless for my movie, If Madha Gaja Raja is delayed then postpone the release of our movie on the same date as theirs. Then they would understand the opening of our movie." 
The entire movie crew of Varutha Padatha Valibar Sangam seem to have been totally surprised by Siva Karthikeyan's challenge.

Sundar.C Lashes out against Siva Karthikeyan 

Director of Madha Gaja Raja, Sundar.C who upon learning the current developments seem to have contacted Siva Karthikeyan over the phone and said " I am happy that your recent movies are hits, But i recently heard that you challenged Vishal. Till date, In areas the rates of your movies are lesser than the rate for Vishal movies, He has given more hits. You are just starting your career so please keep your attitude down."

Samantha disappointed with Lingusamy and Surya

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is currently the actress everybody wants to sign up, All the leading production houses and big directors are desperate to rope in Samantha into their movies. Director Linguswamy however managed to rope in Samantha into his project with Surya, which was initially planned to commence from May 2013. However due to several issues Linguswamy postponed the project.  But then when the project was scheduled to commence from the month of July, Director Seeman accused Linguswamy of stealing his Pagalavan script and storyline, this meant the project was delayed even further.
Samantha who was already busy with her numerous Telugu project was annoyed that the shooting was once again postponed and expressed her interest to quit the project. But Linguswamy had Surya contact Samantha who calmed her down. 
Lingusamy has now completed all the pre-production works for the untitled flick which is set to go on floors from the 2nd of September.

Actress Anjali is once again missing

Actress Anjali who very recently had a very famous missing incident has gone missing again. The makers of Madha Gaja Raja tried to reach out to the actress in order to complete the Telugu dubbing portions, But the efforts went in vain when the team couldn't either reach Anjali nor know about her whereabouts.
Reports currently going around the K-Town is that Anjali has married Andhara based Politician whereas another report suggest Anjali has married a production manager and is currently residing at the United States.

Power is Always Powerful Says Powerstar !!

The Kollywood Sensation Dr. Powerstar is back. Srinivasan who was an Ayurveda Doctor ventured into Kollywood through Lathika. Within few months he became an instant hit with his videos going viral in various social media. Powerstar then turned an rage after the tremendous success of Kanna Laddu Thinna Asaiyaa and was signed up by Director Shankar for Vikram's Ai and several other movies in Arya Surya, Summa Nachunu Irukku and Ya Ya. However whilst shooting for these movie Dr Srinivasan was arrested for numerous cases of fraud.
In development, Currently three of his movie are set for release. The makers waited with bated breath for Powerstar to be released so that their movies could be promoted. Powerstar has currently come out on Bail for two days.
Here is a interview which was given by Powerstar post his release on Bail.
Tamil cinema would have missed me a lot. I am in trouble due to somebody's plot But, Power is always powerful. Arya Surya,Summa Nachunu Irukku and Ya Ya in which I have done roles, are set for release. These movies would definitely attract fans. I am about to release my movie 'Ananda Thollai' magnificently for Diwali.
When I was in prison, I never felt like I was in detention, It felt like I as though i was in an Ashram about 1400 policemen in the prison were very happy on seeing me. Also, they have become my fans. Soon, I will come out of my problems.

Arya & Vijay Sethupathy's Purampokku Given Up ?

Director SP Jananathan has a knack of giving big breaks to his movie heros, Jiiva and Jayam Ravi were blessed the most by this creative filmmaker. SP Jananathan after long break from Peranmai announced his next movie with Arya and Vijay Sethupathy titled 'Purampokku' with the tagline No Man's Land
As soon as the movie title was announced, Ace Cinematographer Natraj claimed the title Purampokku was registered by him just 7 months back and it truly belonged him and said he would go to Director Council to claim back the title.
SP Jananathan has now come out and answered to the claim by Natraj. He said  "I came to know of Natraj's comment through media, Later we spoke over the phone. The Title is not an big issue. Whatever be the title, the story is important, Natraj was ready to give up the title for me. I also do not consider it as a big issue. If Natraj needs the title, I am ready to give it up for him. When I can come up with many such titles, why should I make an issue out of it. It is high time that a new rule comes to ensure that such that issues with regard to title do not arise again.

An Important Scene in Ilayathalapathy's Jilla !!

Ilayathalapathy's Jilla is currently into the fourth shooting schedule, An important scene in the film involving Vijay, Kajal Aggarwal, Mahat and Parotta Soori was canned yesterday. The Film's first look posters are ready, but the makers are currently awaiting Vijay's approval to release them onto the public.
Produced by RB Choudary's Super Good Films,The movie stars Vijay, Mohan Lal, Kajal Aggarwal, Mahat Ragavendra, Poratta Soori and Jiiva in a special cameo.
Jilla is getting ready for a Pongal Clash with Thala Ajith's Veeram !!

Cheran Wants His Daughter to take her own Time

Director Cheran has been a prominent Headline feature for over a month now for the infamous incident surrounding his daughter. However the father is now much relieved man after his daughter has came back to him. Cheran said 
"I feel much better after having my daughter back home. I really cannot explain this emotion in words. I am actually speechless. I had a tough time for a couple of weeks and now, I feel much relieved, thanks to my friends in this industry who stood by my side during the controversy. Many thought of the issue as their own family problem and supported me. I think my friends are the biggest assest that I have earned in this film industry."
Speaking about his daughter Damini, Cheran said, "I want her to take some time for herself to bounce back. After this much-needed break, she will focus on her studies (Electronic Media) soon."

Priyanka Chopra Angry with Ram Charan Teja

Ram Charan Teja, The Southern sensation's Bollywood debut Zanjeer is all set to release in another few weeks. Ram Charan Teja pairs up with the Pop Diva, Former Miss World and a busy actress in Priyanka Chopra.
Despite the busy schedule, Priyanka Chopra has been busy promoting Zanjeer in various events, however her co-star Ram Charan has been reaching all these above events very late. According to media sources Ram charan kept Priyanka waiting for well over an hour for each promotional event.
This lack of professional attitude has totally angered Priyanka Chopra !

The Filmfare Photoshoot of Shruti Haasan

The Latest Filmfare Photoshoot of Shruti Haasan