Nayanthara Finally opens on her Relationship with Prabhu Deva and Why it ended

The comeback queen Nayanthara has conquered the hearts of millions with her immaculate performances in Raja Rani. In a recent interview to The Times of India. Nayanthara finally opened up on her relationship with Prabhu Deva and why it ended. 
Here are the excerpts from the interview here 

Prabhu Deva and you were heading towards marriage and suddenly everything changed. What happened?

It happens. It's not just my relationship - you take any relationship or marriage, break-ups happen. There might be misunderstandings and problems on a day-to-day basis but when it gets to a level where you cannot handle it and it goes beyond saturation point, it becomes very difficult to handle. People change, things change, situations change - so it could be probably because of that - I really don't want to get into details because it's quite personal and I don't want to talk about it to the whole world. I have always kept a dignified silence on whatever was being said and written about me. Now things have changed - when a relationship doesn't work, it doesn't work. There might be a hundred reasons for it or there might be no reason for it. When I am in a relationship, I give it my 100 per cent. But then if it doesn't work, you cannot help it. You cannot move ahead with something which isn't working.

When you got into this relationship, did you think this would happen?

Definitely not! Anything that you do in life, whether it's work or a relationship or marriage, you get into it with a lot of positivity. But I don't know whether it's destiny or whatever it just didn't work. We were probably not meant to be together...

During the time you were with Prabhu, there were a lot of stories written about how there were problems because of his ex-wife and that you didn't agree with him on certain things. Did that bother you at all?

Yes. Like I said, it's your personal space. Just because you are actors or in the show business doesn't mean that your private life is on show for everyone else. Whatever we share with each other is private and when any news leaks out, it's blown out of proportion and made out to be something else. Bad things written about me do bother me and affect me but then I have learnt to take it in my stride. I have also learnt to keep quiet about certain things. Once I start saying something, it'll turn into a never-ending story of he said, she said, they said...

Did these rumours affect your relationship with Prabhu?

No, it did not. As long as I with him, my relationship was very strong. Media reports definitely bothered us sometimes.

Then came the heartbreak, how did you deal with it?

That's too personal to get into...a break-up for anyone is the most difficult phase in their life. When you have to go away from someone you love or vice-versa, whatever the reason, it really shatters your life. But how you deal with it is important. I can't get into how I dealt with it but I have to if I want to move on and live my life.

Three and a half years invested in this relationship, have you changed as a person?

Yes, I have changed a lot as a person. I don't know whether it's for the good or the bad but I have definitely changed. (Laughs) It usually happens as when you are in a relationship you change for the other person. I think everyone does and I'm no different.

How does it feel to be single again now?

I think it's too early for me to say anything about the single space I am in right now. I was in a relationship for three and a half years so I still need to get over it completely. It'll take a lot of time.

Did you learn anything about yourself in this whole process?

I did but don't ask me what. (Laughs)

Has this failed relationship changed your perception of love?

I don't want to comment on love at all right now. That's my mental status today.

When you decided to move away from films, you were in the numero uno position in the south. Did you feel you it was a very big step to take?

It was a crucial step in life but as far as I am concerned, I am game for doing anything for love. I will do anything for love.

Any regrets all today?

No, none at all.

Have you removed the Prabhu tattoo on your hand?

I haven't - it's still there in the same place. As of now, I am planning to keep it.

Ramayaa Vastaavaya Making Images Featuring Shruti Haasan,Samantha & JR.NTR

Ramayaa Vastaavaya Making Images Featuring JR.NTR, 
Samantha & Shruti Haasan

Madhavan Says Indian Actors Lack Capacity for Hollywood

Actor Madhavan who recently wrapped his Hollywood Venture Night of The Living Dead : Origins in a recent interview has made a statement that Indian Actor lack the capacity to establish themselves in a international set-up.
Here are few excerpts from the Interview

"Their market and technology is completely different from ours. I don't think Indian stars have the bandwidth to go struggle and give screen tests there, leaving everything behind here.I think the only thing which I am jealous about is that if I was an actor in Hollywood, with all the hit films which I have, I won't have to work for another day in my life. Even if an actor has two hits in his life in Hollywood, he will never be poor".
Talking about the movie 

 "It has been a huge learning experience and it was very exciting. I was very nervous as I had never shot like that before,It was a Simon West film. That was a huge advantage. Secondly, it had completely new technology," I am just keeping my fingers crossed for the future,For actors like me, nothing is enough. I want a lot more than what I get".

Samantha Ruth Prabhu Latest Photoshoot Gallery

Samantha in Saree Latest Photo Shoot

No to Ajith & Vijay But Yes to Surya - Gautham Menon


Directed by Gautham Menon featuring Surya, The much anticipated movie Dhuruva Natchathiram has been in crisis ever since the project was announced. The project was almost considered to be dropped when Surya stated that there were huge works on the script and instead signed up for Linguswamy. But Gautham Menon has decided to cut out his ego and modify the story as per Surya's liking.
GVM made this tweet recently

Gautham Menon faced the same situation with Thuppariyum Anand which he had scripted out for Ajith and Yohan Adhyayam Ondru for Vijay, However Gautham Menon refused to make any changes to the script and went on the drop the movies instead. But with his career at stake at this time, GVM has made the right decision to ensure that Dhuruva Natchathiram doesn't follow suit.

Arya to Marry only after Vishal !

The Gossips Mongers are unlikely to stop till the date Arya officially marries. Even after his several denials that he his not in any sort of relationship and that his parents are looking out for a girl, Several reports of relationship with Nayanthara once again resurfaced.
Arya was recently quizzed on when would his marriage take place, This time Arya's reply came as a total shock. He said First my friend Vishal has to get married. Sources say with Vishal's recent history of breakdown and extreme pressure,  Arya is very much worried about his friend and wants him to settle down through marriage.

Siva Karthikeyan Replaces Dhanush as a Cop !

As expected earlier, The Ethir Neechal team are all set to reunite for yet another film. Dhanush's Wunderbar films are the producing the film and likes of Siva Karthikeyan, Sathish, Anirudh and Velraj will be part too. But unfortunately Priya Anand has not been signed up and the makers have revealed that a leading heroine is expected to sign on the dotted line soon.
A interesting buzz on the film is that Siva Karthikeyan is enacting the role of Police Officer for the first time in his career. Director Durai Senthil Kumar had earlier approached Dhanush for the same cop script, But looks like Siva Karthikeyan has replaced Dhanush for the same.

Hansika To File a Complaint against Producer

Hansika in early 2010 acted in a Telugu film Seeta Ramula Kalyanam alongside Nithin. The film is now being dubbed in Tamil and being released as Rowdy Kottai. Hansika who was not aware of the dubbing re-release is now very upset and is filling a complaint against the producer.
Hansika has revealed that when the producers approached her for the film Seeta Ramula Kalyanam she was told very specifically that the movie will be released only in Telugu and Producer will not release the movie in Tamil unless they got proper permission from Hansika. Now that Producer has failed to keep up the promise, Hansika is very likely to file complaint against the Producer at South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce.

Nazriya Nazim's Unseen Photoshoot

Nazriya Nazim's Unseen Photoshoot

Anushka Shetty Announces no more Movies

Anushka Shetty - one of the leading actress of Kollywood has decided not to sign on any more movies ! The actress who's previous release Singam 2 was a huge blockbuster is awaiting the release of Irandam Ulagam where she plays a dual role and for the first time has dubbed in her voice too.
The actress who is currently into two big budget period films - Rudrama Devi and Rajamouli's Baahubali has made an announcement via her spokesperson who revealed that 

"Gunasekhar's Rudhramadevi and Rajamouli's Baahubali are both Tamil-Telugu bilinguals, and are being shot on a lavish budget. Because of the high production value and amount of set and CG work involved, the shooting of the two films will get over only by March-April next year. Anushka wants to concentrate on these films and give her best to them. So, she has decided not to take on any more films until she completes these."


Actor Jai follows Ajith Route Again !

Actor Jai as come a long long way from debuting as Vijay's brother in Bhagavathi movie. Jay may hold a close resemblance to Vijay it's the other Kollywood King Ajith who he is really a big big fan of. Actor Jai recently even expressed his interest in Directing Ajith and impressed Thala with a storyline who asked him to work more on the script.
Now Jai has once again taken Ajith's route by obtaining a national car racing license. Sources add the actor after completing his current shooting schedules might be even involved in some international races.

Was There Any Fight Between Selvaraghavan and Harris ?

Selvaraghavan's Irandam Ulagam has been in making for years now, The latest buzz on the movie was reportedly a fallout between Director Selvaraghavan and Music Director Harris Jayaraj which led to Anirudh being signed up to compose the background music for the movie. The latest report coming in suggest there might not have been a fall out as rumored earlier and it was actually Harris who recommended Anirudh's name.
Selvaraghavan was under huge pressure from the producers to deliver the movie by Diwali. It was at this juncture that Harris Jayaraj who was already committed to various other schedules suggested that background music be readied with Anirudh.

Actor Breaks Down in Shooting and Smashes his Mobile Phone

Actor Vishal who recently turned producer with his Vishal Film Factory has had a series of meltdown. The actor who is also producing his next movie Pandiya Nadu came under a lot a pressure recently and, in a moment of frustration, smashed his costly mobile phone to the floor and damaged it.
A reliable source adds "Vishal has been concentrating on Suseenthiran's film now, and has been giving his everything for it. While shooting for a scene a couple of days ago, the actor lost his cool. In a fit of despair, he flung his costly mobile phone and broke it."
Vishal was also recently admitted for blood pressure and stress related problem while promoting his yet to release Madha Gaja Raja.

Surya and Karthi Say No to Mani Ratnam

Legendary Director Mani Ratnam has been in state of bother following back to back debacles in Ravanan and Kadal. The director has found it very difficult to even bag a decent production company for his upcoming venture. In such delicate situation the director has supposedly approached Surya and Karthi for a joint venture. Sources add Mani Ratnam even promised outright that he would ensure the movie is such a blockbuster hit that the team will have enough profit cutting the huge salaries.
But unfortunately the brothers have turned down Mani ratnam's offer despite his open promise and his offer of freedom in the dates and story aspects. It's worth mentioning that Surya debuted as Hero through Mani Ratnam production venture in Nerukku Ner and Karthi was first an assistant director to Mani ratnam before he moved into the acting field. Hope the brother reconsider this decision and the dream project does materialize.

Ajith is a Fantastic Co-Star - Says this Kollywood Hunk

Actor Arya is currently bathing in the glorious success of his Raja Rani which has stormed the younger generation with its feel good love story. However Arya is already setting his sights on yet another huge blockbuster in Arrambam where he shares screen space with Thala Ajith.
The Kollywood hunk revealed in a recent interview that Ajith was fantastic co-star and it was fun to be with him. Arya even revealed how Ajith used to rag him all the time during the shoots and how he it took it all lightheartedly. Arya also answered another speculation that he was part of Director Bala's upcoming project stating that Bala must have had enough of him after the two films that they have earlier worked together.

Following Surya, Karthi Turns Super Singer !

Actor Karthi is all set to turn Super Singer. Yup following his brother Surya who rendered his voice for an Sunrise ad which went absolutely viral 
Karthi the younger brother is following suit.
Karthi who crooned for Missipissi song in Venkat Prabhu's Biriyani is all set to sing for the Telugu version of the number as well.  The raunchy Missipissi song already become a huge youth anthem and there will no suprises if the telugu version enjoys the same success.


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Pranitha's Sizzling Gallery