Siddharth Samantha break up !

If reports are to be believed Samantha and Siddharth have called off their two and half year old relationship. Though the couple have never openly admitted their relationship they have been spotted at various events together and flirting on twitter from time to time and Samantha even declaring in various interviews that she is indeed seeing someone.

Now Deccan Chronicle has published an article which states that Samantha was deeply hurt by this breakup “The whole experience has been painful for Samantha. It’s probable that she’ll just focus on her career right now and it’s highly unlikely that she’ll be in any relationship soon. Because this is the end of a very solid, long-term relationship. She will take time to recover."

Samantha instead of denying the news of break up altogether, She tweeted it was personal 

For Siddharth, this is not his first relationship within the industry. The actor was linked to Shruti Haasan and Soha Ali Khan, following a divorce from his wife. 


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