Nayanthara suffering from Mysterious Skin Disease ?

Fans will be quite aware of the skin issues Samantha had to do battle against recently. The actress was out of action for nearly three months and lost out on Mani Ratnam's Kadal and Shankar's Ai due to the skin allergy. Now the latest buzz going around Tollywood circle is that beauty queen Nayanthara is also suffering from skin allergy which has arisen due to extensive use of make-up. The gossip circle adds that the problem aggravates when she eats Non Veg. Nayan is supposedly getting Kerala Ayurvedic treatment.
Sources close to Nayan state its not such a big issue and it's just being exaggerated by the media, Some even say it's just a rumor. We certainly hope this is just a rumor and Nayan continues to dazzle in more movies !!


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