Censor Board Refused to Give Thalaivaa "U" Certificate ?

Ilayathalapathy's Next Magnum Opus 'Thalaivaa' has been promoted internationally as an August 9th release, However there are still some doubts if the movie would indeed be released on the specific date as the Censor Board have now refused to give a Clean U Certificate to for the film.

Initial reports had it the movie had been already been certificated with a clean U and was slated for a grand release on Eid. However official sources called it off as a rumor stating the movie was yet to go into the Censor Screening. But on July 24th the movie was screened for censor board who awarded the movie with an U/A Certificate, stating the movie was inappropriate for children.

Reports also have it that the regional censors awarded the movie with an "A" Certificate but later a plea from the director and producer of the movie made them revise their decision to U/A. 

As the ‘U’ certificate is mandatory for the film to get an entertainment tax exemption, the stunned makers have now decided to approach the revising committee, to appeal against the censor board’s decision. 
“We will soon submit the movie before the revision committee,”, said producer Chandaraprakash Jain.

The Makers would have to approach the Mumbai Censor Board if the revision committee also awards the movie with a U/A. Fans around the world are closely watching the happenings as they await for the day their Illayathalapathy turns into "Thalaivaa".


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