The Final Judgment on Kaththi Rights Case was ?

Fans as SS Music earlier reported there was case filed on A.R.Murugadoss stating that the story of Kaththi belonged to Minjur Gopi who filed a petition stating this

Few years ago, an MNC had acquired lands of few people in Gopi's town and paid them bare minimum prices, Gopi recorded these events and the incidents the people had to face in this regard and scripted a story called Mootha Kudi. Gopi then apparently narrated the story to Producer named Vishwas Sundar who wasn't impressed and hence decided not to take up the film. Gopi's friend Jegan then put Gopi in contact with A.R.Murugadoss.

A.R.M who heard the story was very impressed and asked Gopi to convert the story into a double hero subject and also agreed to produce the film with Gopi as Director and when Gopi started working on the detailed script, Murugadoss had called off the project due to reasons unknown.

Few months later, when Kaththi took off Gopi was shocked and has now filed a complaint urging action to taken against A.R.Murugadoss. The court has ordered both Gopi and ARM to submit their story to be read and analyzed if it's a direct copy or not.

A.R.Murugadoss in reply filed a petition stating he hasn't meet Gopi and the petitioner doesn't have proper proof for the copyright violation charges against him. ARM also added that it won't be appropriate to showcase his script which is worth over 100 crores to High Court as the storyline will be revealed publicly and it will bring a huge loss. Murugadoss also added that he has worked very hard to earn a good reputation in the industry and the court should dismiss Gopi's petition for providing improper proof.

After hearing AR Murugadoss's petition, the High Court postponed the case to September 16.  Now the latest is that the case has been resulted in favour of A.R.Murugadoss and has completely dismissed Gopi's petition.


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