Ilayathalapathy Song Copied by Mexican Madonna


Yesterday we brought it your notice on how Sundar.C's "Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru" poster was copied from Hollywood "Hump Day" movie. Today we bring to you a exclusive find by SS Music. A Illayathalapathy song which was copied by a Mexican Pop Superstar.

Yes Yuri is a huge Mexican pop star she is also referred to as the Mexican Madonna, she has been a highly visible singer, actress, and television host in Mexico for some three decades, and she has released some two dozen albums, But the Song in question comes from her album which was released on July 29th 2010 titled "INUSUAL". 

The Song Ya Para Que is straight rip off from Ilayathalapathy's Kuruvi Palanadhu Palanadhu , the music album composed by Vidya Sagar was released in early 2008.
Here is the Video Proof


  1. hey t looks almost equal man.....:(

  2. they hv given the credits to vidyasagar the musician, check wiki

  3. Yes Balaji , but Wikipedia is user edited , we checked the Official Track list of the album , no mention whatsoever .

  4. Always THALAPATHY rockzz ,all will copy VJ ANNA but he will not say anything about this.......thats VJ....!!!

  5. Mass da Epavme Mass da enga Thalapathy...!!!!!!!
    Hollywood laye Enga Thalapathy paatu copy aiirku doi...!!!! Mass k class edukuravaru da Enga Thalapathy...!!!!!!!!
    Haters ena sema bulba???????

  6. Its an adaptation in Spanish...please see her official video...she has given credits to the original song...Please don't come up with wrong titles just because it is catchy...


  7. adapaavigala... we copied tons of songs from western... oru song, that too she mentioned it... its nothing to be proud... we should also start mentioning the songs we copy from... not to mention the gangnam style song copied in thuppakki... i know i will get lot of critics for what i said... but dont deny it lol... no offence

  8. actually this song is copied by yuri [Mexican singer] not madonna [American Singer] so please don't confuse the people with your statements .

  9. Indian cinema copy everything from hollywood and other languages one song thane vidunga pa


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