Shankar Says 'I' Budget is Below 100 Crores

Director Shankar in his official blog has just clarified certain myths about his latest venture 'I'. Here is roundup of what shankar had said.

  • Completed 2/3rd of movie including four songs, three action sequences which are shot around China, Bangkok, Jodhpur,Kodaikanal, Pollachi and Chennai.
  • 'Weta Workshop' of 'Avatar' 'Lord of the Rings' & 'Hobbit' fame are part of the special make up department.
  • Shankar also answered the two rumors which were surrounding the movie , one if they had recreated China in Kodaikanal, and if the budget of the movie was above 150 crores to which Shankar said, In China we had got permissions for all locations we wanted and had finished shooting as per our plan. Kodaikanal scenes are entirely different from China portions, and the budget will be less than 100 crores.

Here are some Exclusive Images from Shooting Sets of 'I'


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