Mynaa Kaiya Pudi Song Total Copy From High School Musical

Music is what feelings sound like, Its a very thin line between inspiration and imitation but Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources, But there are some music directors in our kollywood who have crossed that line blatantly , today we feature one such music director in D.Imman. 
Mynaa (2010) was career changer for everyone involved , more so for the Music director D. Imman, but one of the Chart busters from the musical album is a blatant copy, yes the Song 'Kaiya Pudi' seems to to total rip off from 'Can I Have This Dance' from High School Musical 3 (2008). Not only the tune, even the lyrics have very close resemblance, 
Here's how the Song 'Kaiya Pudi' Starts
'Kaiya pudi, kannu paaru, ul moochu vaangu, nenjodu nee' which translates to ''Take my hand, look into my eyes, take a deep breath...'
Which is precisely the first four lines from the song "Can I Have This Dance" .

"Take my hand, take a breath
Pull me close and take one step
Keep your eyes locked on mine,
And let the music be your guide."

Now Listen to Video Proof of the Song 


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