Anbe Sivam Ruined my life - Sundar.C

In era which was dominated by commercial movies , Anbe Sivam was one movie that was offbeat , a movie every director would have been proud of, such was the critical acclaim the movie received. But Sundar.C in a recent interview revealed how the movie did change his life. Here is the extract from the interview
"I won't direct a movie like Anbe Sivam again , because it changed my life for the worst, i did not get a single chance to direct after its debacle. Critics and fans lauded me after watching it in DVD's and Tv Channels but the movie was a commercial failure , my bank accounts were blocked and i did not even receive my salary for Anbe Sivam , people expect me to direct a commercial comic film that's my cup of tea that's what i'll do."
Sundar C currently  has two directorial venture waiting to hit the screen in 'Madha Gaja Raja' & 'Theeya Vella Seyanum Kumaru'.


  1. guys..... we need money to survive for that we need masala.... can u guys join up and produce something which related to social issue... if u can i will direct or anybody with social responsilibility can direct.....


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