Siddarth confirms Marriage With Samantha ?

We at SS Music first broke to you on a possible love story brewing between Samantha and Siddarth , we even reported on how this love couple could have possibly celebrated their Valentine's day. But ever since Samantha and Siddarth were seen doing the 'Rahu Ketu' special pooja in Sri Kalahasthi Shiva , even those non believers who thought it was just another rumor , started second guessing if Siddarth and Samantha were really set to marry each other. 
Siddarth was interviewed recently by Times of India , Here is excerpt from the interview.

Do you see yourself getting married?
Absolutely. And I am ready for it. I hope to have a family with children and am hoping it happens soon. I have been written about and linked with a lot of women. I have chosen not to respond. My family does not read gossip rags and what is in the paper today is the packing for a pakoda tomorrow. You can attribute a quote to a person without meeting him. The inverted comma is being molested beyond identity.


  1. Hate this..!! Foolish He don deserve Samantha darling..:(


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