Gautham Menon Vs Elred Kumar The Fight Continues

The ongoing battle between Gautham Vasudev Menon & Elred Kumar of RS Infotainment has escalated to all new level. As SS Music earlier reported that Gautham Menon had written a emotional letter to media on how he is being harassed by Elred , Here is the link to the earlier post http://ssmusictheblog.blogspot.in/2013/03/the-fight-between-gautham-vasudev-menon.html
However Elred Kumar came out with an interview of his own and said Gautham Menon is trying win the sympathy of the media and his fans with his letter, he also added that it was with his money that Gautham had brought his house and that he has all evidence supporting him and he will get justice.

Gautham Menon has immediately voiced his reply to this interview in a series of tweets.

Gauthamvasudevmenon ‏@menongautham
I don't want this to become a street brawl but I have no choice right now. Sometimes when you are pulled into the ring, you have to fight..
I'm not looking for sympathy. No way. I'm only looking to explain that this is harassment. And all details have been put out, nothing hidden
What is being asked for is my property where I am going to live for the rest of my life with my family.
I would never try and own something with his money..I don't need that with the bankers around. I have documents to prove that..
he claims I used his money to buy the property. Why would I? Indian bank has been kind enough to lend me the entire amount. I'm thankful..

Gautham Vasudev just made this tweet :
I would like to clarify. Suriya has given me dates and we will announce the project very soon..We will start shoot in may.


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