I Thought i should Drink and Smoke to be Great Composer - AR Rahman

AR Rahman (Blue Shirt) working in Ilayaraja's Orchestra
Its a well known fact that our Oscar Hero A.R Rahman worked in our Isaignani Ilayaraja's orchestra and he has always been ardent fan of Maestro. In a recent interview Rahman was posed with a question of what were the things he learnt from Ilayaraja. Rahman's reply was quite interesting here is the excerpt from the interview 
"I came across so many big composers who were addicted to bad habits like drinking , smoking etc, i even thought to myself maybe if i must achieve success i must also do these things , but then i realized Ilayaraja was an exception he had no bad habits whatsoever and yet his tunes were absolutely amazing that's one of the many things that i learnt from Ilayaraja."


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