Harris Jayaraj - A Kollywood Copycat ?

Harris Jayaraj is currently one of the most eminent music director in kollywood second only to A.R Rahman. Harris started out his career as a guitar player , then worked as additional Programmer for A.R Rahman.

'Varaanam Ayiraam' was a milestone in Harris career , he soar to all new heights after the album release. He bagged all the awards possible that year for his work in Varanaam Aayiraam. All the leading newspaper and online site gave Varaanam Aayiraam such record breaking ratings. But did Harris Jayaraj really deserve those accolades ?

There were totally 7 Tracks in Varaanam Aayiram , out of which 4 seems to be a copy. We give the proof , you decide if its to be called Inspiration or just plain Imitation ?

Song 1 

"Adiye Kolluthe"

This Song is a total Rip Off from AC/DC's Love Bomb.

Song 2 

"Mundhinam Parthene"

This song has also been blatantly copied from George Micheal's Faith, Looks like Harris has taken the task of Repacking Famous Pop Songs for our Tamil Audience upon himself .

Song 3 

"Nenjukkul Peidhidum"

The starting guitar chords are almost similar to each other, this maybe considered by few as copy and inspiration by others.

Song 4 

"Ava Enna"
Stolen or Just Plain Coincidence ?

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Updated 20/01/2014
Harris Jayaraj's songs time and time again seem to have a very strange co-incidence with Our Legendary Composer A.R.Rahman's work. Is it  Strange Co-incidence or just blatant copy on Harris Part ?  Here are few example listen to them and you decide 

1. Kuru Kuru From A.R.Rahman's Hollywood Picture 'Couples Retreat'

Now listen to Harris Jayaraj's Kulu Kulu Venpani Pola from 'Engeyum Kaadhal'

2.  Kaiyil Mithakkum Kanava Nee From 'Ratchagan'

Now listen to Harris Jayaraj's Azhiyilae Mutkuli from 'Dhaam Dhoom'

3.Finally this one is very recent indeed, Listen to A.R.Rahman Hit chartbuster Elay Keechan From 'Kadal' 

And here is Harris Jayaraj's Version from Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal


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