Why are in Cinema if you don't know the Meaning of Making - Director Bala

Director Bala was involved in a series of controversy involving the 'Reality Teaser' of Paradesi. There were numerous personalities from Kollywood ranging from directors, to Actors to Producers who were all shaken by the video and made their opinions known through twitter.

Here are some tweets from our Kollywood Celebs on Paradesi's Reality Teaser 

Dhayanidhi Alagiri ‏@dhayaalagiri
I'm a big fan of Bala sir.. He is an icon to the tamil industry.. but I really dunno what to say after seeing that video.. very disturbed !

Balaji Mohan ‏@directormbalaji
#Paradesi 'reality' teaser sets a bad example to young future filmmakers who consider Bala sir as an idol. This isnt the way to make films.

c.s.amudhan ‏@csamudhan
After the recent reality video, I am sure my cast is framing my photo & hanging in living-room

Siddharth ‏@Actor_Siddharth
A video of a director hitting his actors in the name of reality is going viral.Can we please have one of actors beating the hell out of him?

The National Award winning director received no support whatsoever from his own film community, When Bala was Interviewed recently post the success of Paradesi here is what he had to say 

"I love to be joyful in the set while working with artistes however if I do that some may take it as an advantage which I do not prefer. I can understand why non artistes being angry for the “Reality Video” but cine artistes opposing it is childish! They should know what is cinema, why are you in cinema field without knowing the meaning of “Making” ? 

When questioned on why his films were always dark in nature he said 

 "I do not have the desire to do a colorful film, I was born in dark vicinity hence I want my films to be in that tone. A colorful film will have 5 songs, comedy segment, and actions. Songs will be choreographed by choreographer; actions will be done by stunt master, comedy will be done by comedian, then what’s the job of the director? I do not wish to be a bystander and put myself as a director".


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