Bharat Bala to Direct Indo- Japanese film with Kamal Haasan ?

Bharat Bala rose to fame with 'Jana Gana Mana' Video which he shot for his Friend AR Rahman, Bala also has the credit of directing the opening ceremony of the prestigious Commonwealth Games. Bharat Bala first feature film 'Hari Om' premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and also bagged 8 awards at various award ceremonies.
His current film 'Mariyaan' features National Award winner 'Dhanush' and Parvathi Menon of poo fame,with Music being composed by A.R Rahman. In a recent interview Bala revealed about the story of movie, here is what he had to say.

"Six months before, i had come across a news item about 3 immigrant workers from India being kidnapped in Sudan , there is already a civil war going on in Sudan which is the also the largest oil producing country in Africa. These men worked for ONGC there, and were captured by child soldiers, who demanded a ransom , But nobody in India was bothered about kidnap of its Nationals , these three men however managed to escape, It's a story of Human Survival and it Fascinated me."

Bharat Bala was also originally set to make Indo-Japanese film titled "19 Steps" with Kamal Haasan , here is what he had to say 

"Three years ago, I was supposed to make the first Indo-Japanese- Tamil film with the best actors from Japan and India. It was to be marketed internationally. Kamal Haasan and Asin were to act in the film. It was a martial arts story.
We had some difficulties 20 days before we were to start shooting. So I had to momentarily shelve the film. But the story is still exciting for me. Maybe after Mariyaan, I will look at it but with a fresh cast.
In Kalaripayattu, you have to take 18 steps to master the art and the 19th step is when you go beyond that, and that is realization or moksha."

Here are some exclusive images from Shooting spots of Mariyaan.


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