It's Rajini and Kamal's Loss to not have my Music - Ilayaraja

Ilayaraja has been that one person who speaks his heart in all his interview , in a recent interview to a tamil magazine , Raja was quizzed upon why he had not composed music for Rajini and Kamal after 'Valli' and 'Virumandi', his reply was very much Raja like here is what he had say 
"Well, We don't have any agreement or contract on working in all films , I think they would have thought that my music wouldn't suit their movies maybe, but the truth is that no one can judge or say what genre i would be comfortable with , in fact i myself can't judge my style of music. No one should underestimate my genre and style of music, it is upto Rajini and Kamal to decide to not have my music , its their loss. My music will last forever".


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