Udhayanidhi says Yes Nayanthara was the reason for my Hospital visit !

Fans earlier a leading daily reported that Udhayanidhi Stalin was in a relationship with Nayanthara and hence made a suicide attempt, Udhay's wife however bashed the daily stating it was completely false and it was journalism of the lowest kind.

Now in a recent interview Udhayanidhi stated that Nayanthara was indeed the reason for his visit to Hospital but it wasn't because of a suicide attempt. Udhay explained that while a shooting a fight scene for Nanbenda he was supposed to spin Nayanthara who then was supposed to slap the villain and return back but when Udhay spinned Nayan she hit Udhay and her nail poked Udhay's right eye and started bleeding.

Udhay said the extent of injury was that he had to get admitted in Hospital and take rest. Udhay concluded saying this was all of Nayanthara's involvement in my hospital visit and nothing more.


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