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Fans Kaththi song promos are currently rocking the social networks, But with just 3 days to go for the film release the trailer of film is to yet to be released. Posing a big question on whether the film will indeed meet the deadline. Now one of the leading PRO of Kollywood PRO Johnson posted a inside information on Kaththi's current release status.

"While the towns get ready and exhilarated over the grand release of Kaththi in Tamil Nadu, there seems to be a seriousness prevailing whether the film would hit screens or not. The film is produced by Lyca Productions, which was alleged by The former PMK MLA and ‘Tamizhar Vaazhvurimai Katchi leader, Panruti T. Velmurugan to be closely associated with Sri Lankan Prime Minister Rajapakshe, the man behind the merciless massacre and genocide upon Eelam Tamilians. The Tamil Nadu Theatre Association Owners, distributors and exhibitors had a staunch meeting to settle the issue amicably and get the film released on the affirmed date. Nevertheless, Vel Murugan is so much adamant that it is not an issue of a film’s release, but a negligence of cruelty imposed on the Tamil community. Well, there was another meeting scheduled to happen today between Tamil Nadu Theatre Association Owners secretary Abhirami Ramanathan, but has been postponed on the spur of moment for tomorrow (October 18). We will have to wait and watch on what would be the final verdict from both the sides."

Updated-18/10/2014 17:00
Fans here is the update as Posted by PRO Johnson today after the conclusion of the above meeting 

"Sources claim that meeting on Kaththi release between Lyca Productions and Theatre owners associations of Chennai and Chengalpattu (Abhirami Ramanathan & Panneer Selvam) for today is completed. Lyca Productions is unwilling to shift the banner and wants to release the film under this name. Since Tamizhar Vaazhvurimai Katchi leader, Panruti T. Velmurugan is involved in Neyveli protest, a final meeting between the producers with Theatre owners and political group leader will be held tomorrow morning. Speculations rise as the booking plans in Chennai and Chengalpattu areas might not happen until the final decision is made.
Whatever maybe the situation, kindly release the film happens to be the only call of actor Vijay fans.
Let it happen as they say!!!!"

Updated 19/10/2014 18:54
Fans now that the trailer of the film has been finally released, does it mean all the decks are cleared for Kaththi release ? Well Here is the latest update posted by the trusted PRO Johnson regarding the meeting which was scheduled to happen today .

Updated 19/10/2014 21:11
Fans here is the good news regarding Kaththi which was just posted by PRO Johnson "Kaththi release issue - Sources claim the final decision is made. Kaththi will release without the banner of Lyca Productions. Meeting on final leg with Ayngaran Karuna. Official details will be made by 10.30 p.m. now. So all the best to Kaththi team and Vijay fans for Diwali Dhamaka."

updated 20/10/2014 09:49
Fans here is live update regarding Kaththi Release which was posted by renowned Kollywood tracker Sreedhar Pillai 

Now Director of Vetri Theatres Rakesh Gowthaman posted this tweet on the Kaththi issue 
Here is the latest update by Rakesh Gowthaman 

Updated 20/10/2014 17:58
Fans here is the latest poster which was released moments back, The Lyca name seems to have been removed. Looks like the celebrations among fans can begin now. An official Confirmation should arrive soon.

Here is also the latest tweet by PRO Johnson regarding the issue
Here is the tweet by Rakesh the Director of Vetri Theatres explaining the current stand on the ongoing issue 
Fans no one seems to be huge confusion prevailing over the Kaththi issue, that above poster which did not have lyca logo was shared in Actor Vijay's official Facebook page, But sources now report that the poster was fake and the actual poster actually has the lyca logo(see below poster), Please wait for the official confirmation from the makers of Kaththi to be absolutely sure of what's going on.

Updated 20/10/2014 19:20

Fans here is the detailed extracts from the press meet regarding Kaththi which happened today evening. Velmurugan had this to say  

  • Our only request is that the Lyca company's name should be removed. Though Ayngaran have accepted to remove, Lyca have not agreed to do the same. Hence our protests will continue. 
  • Abirami Ramanathan the head of Chennai Theatres Association  and Tamil Nadu film theatres association head Panneerselvam have stated that " Unless we get the green light from the you the film won't release, since theatres safety is a must."
  • FEFSI Siva has also assured us that "Hereafter they won't work for films under Lyca productions".  Let them release under a different banner concluded Velmurugan.
Updated 20/10/2014 22:10
Fans here is great news you were all waiting for, Here is the official tweet by Ayngaran Holland and Riaz the official PRO of Kaththi 

MUKESH RATILAL MEHTA, DISTRIBUTOR EXHIBITOR & PRODUCER from CHENNAI made this tweet confirming the Kaththi release on Oct 22nd 
Here is the official confirmation from Riaz the official PRO of #Kaththi film 

Here is Anirudh Ravichander's official tweet regarding Kaththi release 
Here is Sreedhar Pillai's tweet on Kaththi 
Updated 21/10/2014  00:30
Fans just when we thought everything was sorted out and celebrating the victory of Tamil cinema overall some vandals have attacked Sathyam Cinemas in chennai just when they opened booking for Kaththi. Theatre owner will meet tomorrow to decide to Kaththi's screening.

Here is the latest tweet by J Sam Daniel, A TV journalist from NDTV regarding current status 
Fans Woodlands theatres in Royapettah was also attacked, here is PRO Johnson tweet confirming the same

Updated 21/10/2014 13:18
Fans a here is big reward for all your patience, Kaththi will b releasing in 440 screens across TN tommorow - confirmed  TN Theater owners association. Here is the official tweet by Riaz confirming the same  

Here is the online booking details you fans were dearly waiting for 
  • #Kaththi: Bookings to open in 10 mins in @ags_cinemas. 
  • இன்று மாலை சத்தியம் தியேட்டரில் கத்தி முன்பதிவு தொடக்கம் -மானேஜர் முனிகண்ணையா 
Here is the official tweet by the captain of the ship A.R.Murugadoss confirming the Kaththi release 

Here is sathyam Cinemas official confirmation on the online booking 


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