Shankar talks about Vikram's Commitment, Kamal Haasan's Mudhalvan, I and Endhiran 2 !

Director Shankar is without a shred of doubt is one of the leading if not the leading director from our Country, His Filmography speaks for himself. The Magnum Opus director's latest offering I with Chiyaan Vikram is the hottest film in our country currently. Shankar in a recent interview to the Hindu talked about I and revealed few intresting details from his previous films here are the extracts 

  • On I's Budget : "For some reason, people like to exaggerate how much I spend on a film. Trust me when I tell you that the budget of I is less than Rs. 100 crore. I try hard to salvage every rupee. When I’m on the spot, I keep my eyes open for equipment we can return and save money".

  • On Chiyaan Vikram's commitment for I : "He is willing to go all out to do what it takes for a film. When he lost weight for I, it was because he wanted to. Again, there were rumours that I was being unduly harsh on my crew. A stranger who wanted a picture with me suddenly asked, “Why are you torturing Vikram?” I really am not. It was his idea, and I agreed it would be good for the film."

  • On missing out on Superstar for Mudhalvan :  "Well, I wanted to do Mudhalvan with Kamal Haasan too! He was busy with Hey Ram (2000) when I called him about it. By the time I got around to telling him the film’s one-liner, we had already made it with Arjun".

  • On his next movie : "I have almost finished three! I’m not sure which one I’ll start work on next though. Yes, I really want to make its sequel with Rajinikanth(Endhiran 2)), but I don’t know if it will be next, or even if it will happen at all. For now, I’m waiting to hear from my producer about the release of I".


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