When Chiyaan underwent Medical Treatment for I

If there was ever an actor who symbolizes complete commitment and dedication, it's Chiyaan Vikram. The man of many faces stirred up a storm with just the 60 second teaser. Now here is yet another example of Chiyaan's dedication, It's known that Vikram is dubbing for Tamil, Telugu and the Hindi version of the I film, Chiyaan apparently required medical treatment for his throat after completing Tamil Version but the actor despite the pain flew to Mumbai & Hyderabad to dub for Bollywood and Tollywood version.

"There is a hunchback character in the film and the character required a voice which would have to sound gruff, but at the same time, not annoy viewers. Only Vikram could do it and he sportingly, took it upon himself to dub that part as well in the Tamil version. But he required medical treatment after doing it. Despite the strain it put on his voice, Vikram took it upon himself to dub for the Hindi and Telugu versions too and is now in the process of doing it." Reported a source to Times of India 


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