Kaththi - An Inspiration or complete Copy ?

Kaththi the biggest tamil blockbuster of year is smashing records left right and centre at the box office, The film is expected to cross the 100 crore mark by this weekend. Social media platforms like Facebook and twitter nowadays play a huge role in promoting the film with Trending Hashtags they have taken film promotions to all new levels. But the same social media platforms are now acting as a double edged sword for films.

Kaththi which received an immense thumbs up from all section of fans is now being accused for plagiarism by the same section of fans who promoted the film with such enthusiasm. Here are certain points for your consideration, You the fans be the judge if it's inspiration or complete plagiarism

  • First Look Poster

  • First Look Motion Poster

  • The Film's background theme - Sword of Destiny/ Aathi song (Listen from 00:44)

  • The much impressive Blueprint scene 

  • The rocking coin fight interval block

  • Above all there is also a video of Gopi who initially filed a case against A.R.Murugadoss going absolutely viral in Facebook and Twitter alleging the complete story of Kaththi was his creation. It's just not right to arrive at conclusion hearing just one side of story hopefully A.R.Murugadoss will come out and will end this issue once for all.


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