Its Official Now, Kamal to Direct and Act for Linguswamy

After months of speculations, Sources now officially confirm that our Ullaganayagan Kamal Haasan will indeed join hands with Linguswamy. Yes Linguswamy's Thirupathi Brothers will produce the movie which will be directed by Kamal Haasan, with Our Ullaganayagan also playing the lead role in movie.
Earlier attempts by Linguswamy to rope in K.S Ravikumar to direct this project did not yield success therefore Kamal Haasan has decided to handle the Direction Department by Himself.
Watch this Space for more details on cast and Crew.

An additional Scoop is that Linguswamy has confirmed that this project is not a remake of Special 26 and it's alltogether entirely an new project which will begin once Kamal completes Vishwaroopam 2.

Updated 24/05/2013
Here is what Linguswamy had to say regarding this project 
"I and Kamal Haasan are teaming up for a movie. The movie schedules are to commence during the coming October, Kamal Haasan is to direct and act in the movie. We approached Kamal Haasan and requested him to do movie for us. He conceded and related three stories and asked us to select one among the three. Those three stories were good. But still, we selected the best among the three stories. Kamal Haasan was the one who inspired me to enter the cine field. The movie would be one among mega budget movies in Tamil cinema. The selection of movie stars and technicians into the movie would be held later."


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