Lakshmi Rai says Yes im in love with a Industrialist and getting married in 2 years

Yes Lakshmi Rai who's name was linked up with the  recently arrested cricket Sreesanth was quick to silence the connection by blatantly admitting that she has indeed found her true love and has been dating him for the past 15 months. 
Lakshmi said  “I’m dating a businessman, he’s friendly, jovial and a good-hearted person. Exactly the kind of person I was dreaming about. We have been dating for over a year and have a lot in common. He has watched a few of my movies and liked them but he is not a movie buff,”

Lakshmi Rai annoyed by the media reports linking her to Sreesanth lashed out saying “It’s been three years since I spoke to him, so why is my name being is unnecessarily dragged. This will affect my reputation and personal life, since I’m seeing someone, so please keep me out of it,It was long ago. I was brand ambassador in the first season for CSK, along with Nayantara. But since then, I have no connection with the tournament because I’ve been busy with my acting career”
Lakshmi Rai also added that marriage will wait for 2 years due to previous commitments, I have a special role in 'Balupu', where I play myself and have a song named after me, Laxmi Rai, as well as another B-town film that starts in November.


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