Superstar's Bad Health was not the reason Says Producer of Kochdaiyaan

Superstar's Kochadaiyaan's trailer was all set to be unveiled in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, however the team backed out at the last moment. This sparked a rage of rumours citing Superstar's bad health was the reason why Superstar did not travel to Cannes. However Dr.Murali Manohar Producer of Superstar's Kochadaiyaan has rubbished off this rumor saying its's just a figment of imagination of the press.

"Rajinikanth wanted some improvements in the trailer, We had no time to prepare the trailer and make the correction because rendering takes alot of time for a motion capture movie like this, this is the only reason he did not go, Though Rajini did like the trailer he wanted it to reflect the fact that Kochadaiyaan is a film ahead of its time at least by 3-4 years. Rajini is definitely back to his usual self more than a year ago, Reports claiming the Cannes was cancelled due to Rajini's bad health are just imaginary and an attempt to damage Rajini's actual state of health. We decided to go by Rajini's advice not to race against time in making a perfect trailer so as to screen it at Cannes. We are not bothered or disappointed that the trailer couldn't be released in Cannes. There are plenty of film festivals happening around the world and new trailer would be ready within next 15 days or so.. We just wanted to ensure that the final product did match the expectations and the hopes and dreams of the millions of fans of Superstar.".


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