Shooting Spot Fight between Nakul and Nikeesha

Actor Nakul after a big break in Vallinam is trying to establish his spot in Kollywood with Narathan which features Nikesha Patel as the female lead. There have been numerous reports that a ugly public spat happened between the two actors on the shooting spot.

Nakul who admitted that there was indeed a small quarrel clarified that a friendly tiff had been blown out of proportion, Nakul said "Nikesha is like a child. We are friends and we keep having these little squabbles. We did not have a fallout. We keep taunting each other once in a while and have our 'fights', but everything is fine between Nikesha and me. More than anything, we are both professionals and our job is to perform as the director demands. So, we remain cordial with each other".

Nikesha also clarified stating "The incident was more of a misunderstanding and it pertained to a scene for which we were shooting. But, I can assure you that the shoot of the film was in no way disrupted because of this." 


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