Suresh Raina in Relationship with Shruti Haasan ?

According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, Chennai Super Kings's Suresh Raina is currently in a relationship with Shruti Haasan. 

"Raina used to consider her his lucky mascot. This year, she has kept away from the cricket grounds. Yet Raina is playing extremely well. So the superstition has obviously ended," the source has been quoted as saying by the report. "It is a mature relationship now and they are in love. But they are trying to keep it private and not speak about it in public."

"Shruti and Raina try to meet as much as their busy schedules allow them, and are very serious about each other," a source told Mirror. It is believed that Raina was introduced to Shruti at a party last year and the two have since bonded well over common interest.

Suresh Raina however denied these reports making this tweet 

Shruti Haasan also clarified on the relationship to Deccan Chronicle saying “I’m really extremely, truthfully, totally single! Between working in three industries, I hardly have time to breathe, much less be in a relationship. My life is high-octane, full of energy and non-stop; I need someone who lives in a similar manner to mine, to make it work. When I find a guy like that, I’ll announce it to the world, trust me,” 


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