Sathya Moves Arya to Tears !

Arya's brother Sathya has apparently made Arya move to tears. Arya turned producer for the upcoming film Amarakaviyam which stars his brother Sathya and debutante Mia George and his directed by Arya's best friend Jeeva Shankar.

The Irandam Ulagam actor had this say on the movie  "I was amazed with the final output of 'Amarakaaviyam'. Jeeva Shankar and Sathya have recreated a romantic tale that will match international standards. I was so touched that I wept. I know and understand the pressure of a hero, but this is the first time I felt the pride of producing a good film."

Arya also ordered 143 cakes and distributed among the film's unit and close friends. The number 143 is symbolism of 'I Love You' and it instantly struck me to choose this number said Arya.


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