The Reason why Goundamani Said Yes to this Film ?

The legendary comedian Goundamani surprised us all with his decision to a make a comeback after three years in 49-0. Till date it remained a mystery to why Goundamani picked this movie to make a comeback well the director of the film Arokia Doss has just revealed the secret to Times of India He said "When I went to narrate the script to him, I introduced myself and gave him a one-liner about the script. He looked surprised. He said, 'You are Gautham Menon's assistant and yet you have a script on a rural subject.' I then began narrating the script and after just 15 minutes of narration, he stopped me and told me, 'I will do this film.' He then said, 'Now, continue your narration."

The director also addressed another rumor regarding the movie that Goundamani was paid a huge amount to act in this film, The director clarified stating "I wouldn't like to discuss the remuneration, but I will say that Goundamani sir has been paid what he deserves, the salary of top stars."


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