This Popular Producer reveals Superstar's Next after Lingaa

KT Kunjumon the popular producer of Kollywood in a recent article has hinted over Superstar teaming up with Shankar once again after K.S.Ravikumar's Lingaa. Kunjumon known for films like Gentleman, Kaadhalan and Ratchagan which remained the most expensive film in Tamil film industry till 1998.

KT Kunjumon said At one point in Rajini's career, Superstar said that he will do just one film in three years and he as a fan and friend of Superstar strongly objected this and gave an interview that Rajini's decision was wrong and should reconsider his decision. The producer went on reveal that Rajini wrongly understood his interview and they have never spoken since.

The producer went on add that he was totally excited after seeing Superstar's Lingaa get up and said Superstar looks like how he was during Moorattu Kalai and expressed his joy over Superstar's decision of doing more films and now after Lingaa he has come across information that Superstar will rejoin with his favourite director Shankar for a new film.

Here is the full post made by K.T.Kunjumon

The ‘Super Star’ Rajnikanth, Emperor of styles , not just in Tamil Cinema , but of Indian Cinema. 

Being an ardent fan and a friend of Rajini’s I am mighty pleased about the announcement of his latest film ‘ Linga’ Rajini is not only a boon to the Indian cinema but a phenomenon and his time in Indian Cinema could be termed Rajini Era. He is one of those who have the full blessings of God. He is a rare ‘Muthu’ [pearl]. It is really inspiring to see his images in Linga. He looks so young, about 25 years younger that reminisces of his looks in Munrumukam, Murattukkalai, Thangamagan and Padikathavan. He is so youthful that he can go on to act in 100 more films.

I am one of the billions of Rajini fans around the world. My prayers are for the Super Star to be blessed with all the best of Health to enthrall his fans all over the world, as ever. Every time Rajini Film is released, it is like Diwali time. May this Diwali celebration continue to more and more times. This is not just my personal desire as Rajini fan but also that of the fans from all parts of the world. This I had expressed 15 years back .

I was enchanted and mesmerized by the unique style of Rajini’s and became lucky to be a good friend of Rajini’s. I had the pleasure of distributing Rajini Films in Kerala. Our friendship was so deep that we used to sit and eat together during shooting breaks of Thangamagan and I had
the privilege to have shared ideas.

It was by that time I had established myself as a producer of excellent films. He would watch the previews of my movies and used to call me and wish me on the releases of my movies. Once he could not watch the preview of my film Rakstchagan. I had arranged for a special show for him. I still remember with pride that he watched the movie with his whole family and appreciated the movie.

The world was stunned when the superstar Rajinikanth, suddenly announced in an event that he would act once in three years only. I had in an interview to a Tamil weekly magazine said it was a wrong decision as his fans will be disappointed and said that Rajni must act in more films, at least yearly once. Auto drivers, bicycle rickshaw drivers, poor, rich with the all-party fans are desperate for a Rajini film. They save money and in piggy bank , waiting to celebrate the release of Rajini film. Common man to
intellect, have placed Rajini in their hearts after MGR. 

But unfortunately for me he misunderstood my statement and expressed this with unhappiness to late GV, as if I had made comments about him. This I came to know later . It consequently strained our relationship and he stopped speaking to me. But my love for him never changed.

I am now happy that what I said then has become true and real as we see Rajini films Kochadiyan and now Linga have been announced. It is really refreshing to see young Rajini all over again. I also learn that now a great Director of mega movies, Mr. Shankar, who was introduced by me and became popular through my mega movie and super duper ‘Gentleman’, is going to direct yet another Rajini film. 

It is like that our prayers are answered that Rajini and making my wish true, is coming with film after film. We wish and pray that Rajini should give entertaining films, with good story to his fans and continue to be super Hero and act till 100 years of age to entertain his billions of fans, all over the world.

My best wishes to Rajini and pray to God, that Rajini be blessed with the best of health and everything in life.

A good Friend and good a Fan.

‘Gentleman’ K T Kunjumon.


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