Actress Injured after Director Kalanjiyam Slaps her !

Director Kalanjiyam has been in the news lately for the Anjali Ban episode, The director has been urging the Film chamber to ban the actress for not completing her portions in his Directorial titled Oor Sutri Puranam. Now the director is in the news once again after a heroine has been injured after a slap which was to enacted by him. 

Kalanjiyam is currently acting in a film titled Kangaroo which is directed by Samy of Mirugam fame, Kalanjiyam was supposed to enact a scene where he would give a tight slap to heroine Priyanka who plays as his sister in the film. While filming this scene, Kalanjiyam accidently hit her really and the actress Priyanka fell and sustained injuries.

The actress was rushed to hospital for medical attention and was immediately treated by doctors. The actress was reported to be fine and will join the sets of the film soon.


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