The Update on Anjali's ban in Kollywood

There were reports flooding yesterday that actress Anjali had been banned from Kollywood after a complaint from Director Kalanjiyam for failing to complete his Oor Sutri Puranam. The President of the Director's Union Vikraman had this to say "We will be talking to Anjali this week about Mu Kalanjiyam's complaint. We want to know why she has not completed the film and also why she has not been allotting dates for the shoot of his film. We intend to ask her to complete this film, to which she had committed to earlier before moving on to her other new projects." 

When enquired if a ban has been imposed on Anjali, Vikraman said  "We have never banned any actor from acting in Tamil films and hence, we won't impose a ban on her as well. It is a director's prerogative as to who he intends to cast in his film. But, morally the producer has been facing a huge loss and as an actor she has to finish her portions in the film. No actor can just walk off like that."


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