A Kiss & Tell Story of Kadal's Goutham and Thulasi

The next gen couple Gautham and Thulasi of the much awaited 'Kadal' and the son and daughter of Karthik and Radha respectively in a recent interview have opened up on how they were required to prepare for their respective roles in the movie.

The gorgeous Thulasi Nair who is just in her teenage and preparing for her 10th Exams in Mumbai says she was a plump girl and never expected to get into movies. Her father is a huge industrialist in Mumbai and quite naturally she wanted to enter into his business , but things changed one fine day when Mani Ratnam walked into their house wanting to cast her in 'Kadal' . She says that she had to reduce more than 12 kilos to play the role of 'Beatrice'. Being Radha's daugher she was not given an easy ticket to cinema , Mani being who he is, did a photo shoot with her and  trained her in acting for 20 days. When the first trailer of  'Kadal' was released many people were surprised with the intimacy displayed by her especially the kiss she shared with Gautham, when asked about it she said that Mani Ratnam would never want to shoot such a scene for the sake of it , they were also asked if they are comfortable doing such a scene and the scene itself took 4 hours to shoot.

On the other hand , Gautham Karthik has revealed that he prepared for his fisherman role by training with the fisherman community at the Marina Beach . He thanked 'Action King' Arjun for helping him out to lose weight and  preparing him for his role as 'Thomas'.  When asked on what his favourite movie of his father is  , he says that 'Agni Natchathiram' is his all time favourite and he also reveals that he was offered a remake of the cult movie alongside Vikram Prabhu but refused it since he did not want spoil his father's image and hence he would never do it .

We wish these young and talented stars all the best for 'Kadal' . 'Kadal' is out in theatres on February 1st.


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