Vasanthabalan about Vishwaroopam

Vasanthabalan one of the elite directors of kollywood has given us exclusive inside on what Vishwaroopam was all about .Here is what he had to say
"Last night i saw Vishwaroopam in Kochi, the entire movie revolves around the happenings in Sudan, Afghanistan and America. The film story touches upon the terrorist activities of Al Qaeda, Their training, family,weapons and their war strategies and how they are kept as war hostages by the Americans .
The Co- Captain of this terrorist group speaks tamil when kamal asks on how he speaks tamil he answers saying,  He was in Coimbatore and Madurai in hiding and that's where he learnt the language.
Apart from this, there is absolutely nothing about Tamilnadu or Tamilnadu Muslims in the movie. Just because the movie speaks about the one of the world's most wanted terrorist organisation "Al Qaeda" , people imagining that movie directly targets the Muslims community and banning the movie is very disappointing.
Just like everyone of you, i too sincerely hope that these people watch the movie fully, and then understand what it is about."


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