Round Up of Every single tweet that our celebrities tweeted for Vishwaroopam

Here is a Wrap of all the tweets from the celebrities of Kollywood and Bollywood who stood up and supported our Ullaganayagan's Vishwaroopam

Jiiva : 
Kamal Sir..V stand up fr u.. As a person n by profession v all look upto to u..U deserve Justice..totally..Why is isn't nadigar sangam reacting to the Vishwaroopam Issue ??? Strange Very Strange

Karthik Subbaraj (Director of Pizza) :
Feeling ashmaed and helpless.Time to do something more sensible other than supporting in FB and twitter .but whats that SENSIBLE SOMETHING ?

Arvind Swami :
What is happening to Kamal sir is unfair and unjust .Request the artistes and technicians associations to organise a silent show of protest.

Prakash Raj :
Kamal Haasan statement amplify s the obvious threat to every secular minds existence. Silence around proves "FEAR is growing into a disease"
Time to stay calm and strong .Fight for justice will continue. All u there keep the spirit intact stand together by this man Kamal Haasan

G.V Prakash Kumar :
Really upset when Kamal sir says he will have to give away his properties if his film doesn't release..A true legend doesn't deserve dis.

Siddarth :
Heartbreaking to see the greatest tamil actor of all time talking about leaving Tamil Nadu, about bankruptcy and about unfair persecution.

Yuvan Shankar Raja :
Really upset with his law n order crap...Kamal Haasan sir we are with you..
Rapists get away when the entire nation cried for a girl . But a true artist is pushed for nothing .Totally wrong.

Just went and met the legend Kamal sir , I feel sad to see him like this. But we are with you kamal sir.

Actor Prasanna :
Din't know what to do. Me & Sneha jus came to be by kamal sir's side. We r at his Residence.

Anurag Basu (Director of Barfi ) 
Shame on us !! if we loose kamal haasan like MF Hussain..instead of artists they should ban politics who use religion for political gains.

Venkat Prabhu :
We tamil industry need to do something !! Stop Shoot !! Or stop the screenings ! We need to show we are one big strong united family ! Waiting !

Nani :
TN  Govt has hurt my religious sentiments becoz..i'm an actor ,acting is my religion and Kamal Hassan is my God.

Shruti Haasan: 
I've had the privilege of being born into an artistic family and my father is one of my greatest inspirations as an artist .its so saddening for me to see this day as a daughter and an artist where someone isn't allowed to put out their work and isn't allowed the basic freedom and respect that should be granted to any artist.Love you bapu..we are with you

Priya Mani :

I support my all time favourite Idol !!! Support you Kamal Sir !!

Vishnuvardhan :

Another ban. Oh God,Screw the bans.It's Kamal Haasan. That can't be taken away from him and we are witnessing the support.

Anirudh Ravichander :

What is happening to the rights of an artist ?!?! We the youth of the nation stand united for the legend Kamal Sir..

Vishnu Vishal (Neerparvai Hero) :
I Think its a fight for cinema and not just for Vishwaroopam.so all in the industry should support coz tom it might repeat again for another film

Madhavan :
I am sad that tamil nadu has become the laughing stock of world over.Vishwaroopam is not just a film anymore ,Its a symbol of what is right and right should prevail over might or we never going to be peaceful nation. I bleed for you Kamal Sir.

Krish :
Kamal Sir..Ur not going out of Eldoms road.We all going to send money..We have to do this..DD or Cash straight to kamal's office .If ur a true tamizhan..U do it for the man who entertained us for the past 50 years

Devi Sri Prasad :
So disheartening to watch LEGEND kamal sir's speech !! Waitin 4 vishwaroopam 2 release and wipe off all his troubles.

Karan Johar :
Kamal Haasan needs not only our support but fraternity proactivity ...like NOW !!!

Shruti Haasan :
My father has asked me to refrain from interviews and comments due to the volatile situation and the fact that this is a situation that is subjudice. Having said that my support and respect for my father and the film he has made is more than 100% .On behalf of the family Thank You for all the support , Awaiting justice.

Nagarjuna :
I haven't seen the film,but i know kamalji for a long time now and been an ardent fan of him and i don't think he is a man who would do something to affect communal harmony.

Shah Rukh Khan:
It is the most unfortunate thing to happen to a movie. Kamal Haasan is a senior, who i have alot of respect for. 

Abhishek Bachchan:
Offended by a film or its contents ? Simple solution ..dont buy tickets to see the film ? let the audience decide for themselves.

Dhanush : (regarding his earlier TV interview)
Guys dont thank me. i thank all of u for considering this was ur own problem and constantly raising ur voice, very proud of you all.

Chakri Toleti (Director of Unnai Pol Oruvan & Billa 2)
Jan 30 1948, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated.Jan 30 2013 an artist's freedom of speech/expression was assassinated.

Salman Khan :
Dekho yaar its a movie and there are only 2 kinds of movies good or bad.Hit and flop only people who decide are ones who buy tickets.


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