I am not sorry for saying i wanted to leave the country ,i was angry, i still am.

 A Synopsis of  Kamal Haasan's NDTV interview..
  • It was very arrogant of me to say that i was standing alone. The way media stood by me. i'm very touched and thankful to the media.
  • As far as my Muslim friends the amount of support i got from them was unbelievable , in all this trial they came & read their duas and asked me to forgive them , i was moved.
  • Its my request to India, My Muslim and Jain brothers that we have a lot more work to do and i don't want any of us to face such problems in future ,please don't disrespect artists , they are your ambassadors,not politicians. 
  • If this happens again, i would seriously think of leaving the country, i'm not threatening i'm hurt this is my country and i am not sorry for saying i wanted to leave the country , i was angry, i still am .
  • My only request to govt is in case few Muslims were arrested, they were pushed to anger by misinformation.
  • The only thing i want to clarify is that i'm rational. For me not religion ,it is people who matter, and Oscars are for Americans, I want to get Indian awards.My films are made for Indian people.
  • Top stars hung around as if they were my production managers,asking me if i wanted tea or coffee.So many Bollywood stars too came forward, I must thank all of them.
  • Why is that every time we fall prey to divisions ? I have had problems with Hindu Brothers.Look at my films, do you see hate in them ? How can people from my home state accuse me ? That was my anger.
  • Islam is not targeting me. It is politics,it is not religion. I just thanked Jayalaitha that she came forward , she is an artiste too she has understand now.
  • As of now the losses could be anywhere between 30 to 60 crores.


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