"The Real Man of Steel - Kamal Haasan"

The year '2013' is still new , today we celebrate 63 years of becoming a Republic Nation , but the first major controversy which rose in 2013 is nothing new to us, we believe that we have moved on in various fronts as a nation , that is when reality strikes hard leading us to believe that we still do not live in a democratic and a secular country . We are indeed talking about Kamal Haasan's 'Vishwaroopam' which has been the major talking point of our nation for a week now . It is really sad and disturbing that a movie made by a Tamilian and not such a ordinary one that  , but one who wanted Tamil Cinema to be taken to a global audience all his life is not allowed to release his movie in his birth state. The national outrage and disgust poured all over the social media and the national media is extremely justifiable.
 'Kamal Haasan' and 'Vishwaroopam' was the top most trending topic on Twitter for the entire day . People and celebrities from all walks of life who are not related to cinema in any way condoned this act as shameful , because by now this issue was not just about the release of  'Vishwaroopam' , this issue had started to question the very basic right of an Indian. An issue which has been threatening to becoming something more ever since Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie were targeted , leaving us to question over artistic free speech in India . Kamal Haasan in his letter on 24th of January termed it as "cultural terrorism" and "icon bashing" after his film was uncertain to release for the 2nd time in two weeks.
We would like to recollect a film which evoked such a controversy in 1987 . "Ore Oru Gramathile" featured Lakshmi and 'Nizhalgal' Ravi in lead roles , a movie which criticized the caste-based reservation policy in Tamil Nadu's educational institutions , members of the Dr. Ambedkar's People's movement had embarked on protests leading to the Government of Tamil Nadu banning the movie citing law and order problems in the state. The case was up for hearing and Justice K.J Shetty who delivered a landmark judgement wrote "The State cannot plead its inability to handle the hostile audience problem.It is its obligatory duty to prevent it and protect the freedom of expression." This was not only seen as a victory for the movie but a landmark judgement for the freedom of expression .
A major part of the tamil film industry kept quiet on the 'Vishwaroopam' controversy leading us to believe that politics and movies have become a straight line now . Superstar Rajinikanth came out in support for his friend , Ajith had voiced out his support,  Prakash Raj who had voiced his opinion all alone in most of the national news channels , apart from them and a few film industry colleagues of Kamal tweeting their formal support , no one could be seen or heard anywhere else .
News reports which have just come in says that Padma Bhushan award will not be given to Kamal Haasan this year thanks to this controversy . No more injustice could be delivered to the man who has paved the way for Indian Cinema to be noted globally . As the Honorable Judge of the Madras High Court is in the process of watching the movie to confirm that it does not hurt any particular community , we at SS Music wish you a 63rd Republic Day . Somehow we could not find any strength to add 'Happy' there .


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