I don't Need a Superstar I need an Actor - Radha Mohan

Radha Mohan is known for his offbeat movies like 'Mozhi', 'Abhiyum Naanum' and 'Payanam'. His recent movie 'Gauravam' has racked some good reviews. Radha Mohan was quizzed upon the reason why he doesn't go for the big actors, here are the excerpts from a recent Interview of Radha Mohan.

"I let my script choose the actors and not vice versa. If I have to work with a superstar, then I make it a point to cast one. Why do I need to work with a superstar if there is absolutely no need for his or her presence,Yes It is very important to have the right actor for the right script. One of the most common mistakes in the industry is mis-casting. I ensure I stay away from it, Nagarjuna was needed for 'Payanam'. The script demanded an actor who could pull off the role and convince audiences that he was a suitable pick. It was the role of a major in the army, and I couldn't possibly rope in a newcomer or a relatively unknown face to play the part, For a film such as 'Abhiyum Naanum', about the relationship between a father and his daughter, I didn't need a superstar. I needed an actor who could play the father's role to perfection.

"The story of Gauravam is about discrimination based on caste-ism,  Sirish has image of the boy-next-door and that makes him ideal for the role. I wanted an unfamiliar face to stand up against the issue because it would have an emotional connect with the audience, If a star actor would have played the role, then I would have had to rely on the commercial style of film-making to do justice to his image. I didn't want that to happen and, therefore, I cast Sirish," 


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