Outrage Among Ajith Fans, Demand Apology from Anada Vikatan

The Front Cover Page of  this Week's Edition of Anada Vikatan 'Time Pass'

Anada Vikatan one of the esteemed magazine of our state has caused a huge outrage among Thala Ajith Fans. In one on their magazine titled 'Time Pass' this week's edition carried a front cover which featured a photo-shoped image of Ajith in a lady get up. This has inturn caused a huge outrage among Thala Ajith Fans in social networking sites. 
Many facebook fan pages have even published Anada Vikatan's phone number and have requested their followers to raise question against Vikatan. Some fans have even go on to the extent of literally tearing the magazine and posting in on Facebook. The fans demand Anada Vikatan apologize for their lack of responsibility.


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