Sasi Kumar's Sundarayapandiyan Secret Revealed

Sasi Kumar has continued his success streak with Sundarapandiyan which racked up some rave reviews and box office collections, Sasi Kumar has now revealed a less known secret about Superstar's connection in Sundarapandiyan which was , After watching Sundarapandiyan, Superstar Rajinikanth did call upon Sasi Kumar and the director SR Prabhakaran to congratulate the duo on their success , but Sasi Kumar did not want to reveal the photographs taken during the meeting because he felt it would be like cashing upon a kind gesture by Superstar. 
Sasi kumar also added that a Young and a growing director like SR Prabhakaran might have wanted to use the photos to publicize himself and the film, but the real victory for a director lies in making a film without using such publicity.
Well you could say now that the Sundarapandiyan team has definitely achieved that.


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