The Entire Kollywood Industry is Against Prabhu Deva Now

Well its known fact that Tamil film artists are restricted from travelling to Sri Lanka to any film event, even the Bollywood stars Aamir and Shah Rukh have rejected recent events in Sri Lanka to Convey their support to the tamils. There was even a huge protest by entire kollywood fraternity regarding this.
However Prabhu Deva has done something which has absolutely infuriated the entire kollywood fraternity, for his movie 'Ramiaya Vastavaiya' he roped in a Sinhalese actress Jacqueline Fernandez to do a special song titled 'Jaddu Ki Jhappi De De Tu Abhi' which was shot in Chandigarh very recently.
The Kollywood artists who whole heatedly supported the protest are absolutely in rage as to how a Tamilan like Prabhu Deva could cast a Sinhalese in spite of all these protest.


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