I'm Huge Fan of Ajith Says Vijay's Mother Shobha

Vijay's Mother Shobha recently confessed that she is indeed a huge fan of Ajith. Shoba also has the credit of being a Director , Screenplay Writer and has even Produced Films. Shoba in recent media interaction revealed that she is a great fan of Ajith except for Rajavin Parvaiyile where Vijay and Ajith acted together.

Shoba also added that
"They were upcoming actors during those times of Rajavin Parvaiyile but now they established themselves as huge stars, During the time when Rajavin Parvaiyile was made, I used to send food for both Ajith and Vijay. Till date whenever i meet Ajith , he always mentions the quality of food i sent for him many years ago, Ajith is such a great human being and I'm a great fan of him".


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