Jayam Ravi reveals his Favourite Actor & Actress, His Fav Co-star , His Thalaivar, His Favourite Movie & Music Director

Actor Jayam Ravi who is fresh off a success in Nimirindhu Nil hosted a Q&A session with his numerous fans on twitter, Here are some intresting conversations.

Premika♥Anirudhian♥ ‏@premikaiyampill  
@actor_jayamravi your fav. Actor and actress?? :)
kamal & Simran

〜 Kabs 〜 ‏@kabelan4567  
@actor_jayamravi what football team do you support?

Raj Kumar ‏@raj_mmc  
@actor_jayamravi  who is ur favourite music director? Ilaiyaraja or Rahman ?

Diana ‏@iam_D1ana 
@actor_jayamravi Ur fav co-actress? :)

RaziK ♕ ‏@razik4ever 
@actor_jayamravi what is your dream character that not full filled yet ?
period film

r.manojchander ‏@manojchander1
@actor_jayamravi Who is your favourite comedian in tamil?

keerthivas ‏@khakkakhakka 
@actor_jayamravi K tell what's your favorite movie in Tamil?
lot of mani sirs films

♣ S.P.B ☺ ♠ ‏@PoetBala 
@actor_jayamravi Q3 ) Few words about vijay anna :)) !! Thanks fr giving space ..Now ball is in u r court ..U have to ans fr us bro ;D
down to earth person

Silvana ‏@sillijo  
@actor_jayamravi If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why??
 my son :)

Saarathi vasanth ‏@saarathivasanth
@actor_jayamravi Hi brother, any specific actor (roles) u took as inspiration apart from indian cinema? (frm: malaysia)
al Pacino

Karthik Shanmugam ‏@Karthik15katty 
@actor_jayamravi Would you like to do a multi starer ? If so with which big star ?
 Depends on the script

sudha ‏@sudha918 
@actor_jayamravi any plans to act in direct telugu movie
Plans r on

SantoshSubramaniamJr ‏@Dig_Bick_69 
@actor_jayamravi what's your favourite movie you've ever acted in?
Santhosh sub & peraanmai

Mahesh Siva ‏@maheshsiva01 
@actor_jayamravi what do think of asin as an actress?

Anton CVF ‏@antoncvf 
@actor_jayamravi In Aadhibagavan climax, how did u dare to get beatings from heroine. Didnt u care abt ur image?
script is wht matters. Not image

vinu.c ‏@vinzess123 
@actor_jayamravi About Goundamani sir's 49O Movie bro?
waiting for thalaivar

Riyaz ‏@ImRiyaz_17 
@actor_jayamravi In recent generation,  who is ur fav director & music dir?
Karthik subburaj looks promising & Santhosh Narayan

packeermohideen ‏@packeermohideen 
@actor_jayamravi brilliant acting in #nimirnthunil.. Great msg.... Hats off!!!
Tell us about experience of acting with nayanthara....
she's a good actress. Movie is shaping up well


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