Prakash Finally responds to his acting Ban

As SS Music earlier reported this week, Star actor Prakash Raj was hit with a temporary ban barring him from acting in Tollywood. The Telugu Film Directors Association had filed a complaint on the actor after they alleged that Prakash Raj had used unparliamentary words against Directors and accused the actor of regular indiscipline in the sets.

Prakash Raj responded to those allegation holding a press conference in Hyderabad,  "All I can say is there's no mistake of mine. I think someone who dislikes me is creating all this mess and putting me in a soup. You'll soon come to know who he is and there's nothing to hide. I once again request everyone to be patient till the meeting is over, to prove my honesty and innocence."

"It's unfair to spread wrong news without hearing my version of the story. I have to answer many of my followers on my social networking accounts and I'm receiving many hate messages. Before making allegations against someone, one has to hear his explanation as well. I've been in this field for over 20 years and everyone knows about me. I'm a straightforward person and because of this, I have to face many problems and controversy has become my middle name."


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