Prakash Raj banned from Tollywood !

The National Award Winning actor Prakash Raj has been banned by Telugu Film Directors Association(TFDA). According to reports the association has been extremely agitated by Prakash Raj's regular lack of discipline and rudeness towards the Tollywood directors. 

Prakash Raj was recently shown the door by makers of Mahesh Babu starrer Aagadu, when the actor had allegedly shouted at the assistant directors and was getting irritated at every small thing.

He is a very good actor but his attitude and behaviour are  always wrong. He feels that he is not replaceable in South, so most of the times he troubles the producers and directors,” says a close source.

 “He thought that the producers would fall on his feet and request him,” added the source. However, the producers apparently had had enough of the actor’s tantrums and asked Sonu Sood to join the shoot immediately. (Aagadu Shooting )

Everybody in the unit was surprised to see Sonu in place of Prakash Raj. Things have changed very quickly,” says a unit member.  Surprisingly, Prakash Raj wasn't even aware that he had been dropped from the movie as the producers and the director, Srinu Vaitla, decided not to inform him.

This is not the first time, Prakash Raj is facing the ire of the directors and producers of Tollywood. There were a few instances previously, when Prakash Raj was almost banned.


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