Yet another case of Siva Karthikeyan & A.R.Murugadoss

Siva Karthikeyan's Maan Karate may have been declared a super hit but the movie is being hit with controversy after controversy it was very recently that a case was filed on the movie stating the film title Maan Karate was not a Tamil word and the film encouraged drinking.

Now another complaint has been registered in Chennai Commissioner office for portraying boxing in very poor light. Krishnamurthy a Chennai based professional boxer who has won many National level and state level awards has alleged that the film includes many scenes that insult boxing and boxers and so added that 
the makers should have approached the boxing association before shooting the film.

Krishnamoorthy has sought legal action on director Thirukumaran, A.R.Murugadoss who penned the film's story and Sivakarthikeyan the lead actor. He has also sought a ban on the film if the scenes degrading the sport could not be removed.


  1. Guys movies is the one media to carry msg all over the corner..dont say its just the film..many worng things wer shown in this movie...personally i worried.. for they to become richer y making others to fool showing encouragement for drinks,sports in the way of wrong..should not acceptable this kind of things for the society..i agree for this complaint

  2. same mokkai comments nd insultin othrs... he must work hard in upcoming films....

  3. Its jus a film nly .. bt dis generation s nt lookin lik dat...he's gud in acting , style and dance, bt hv to work hard fr dt character in movie ... dis film s too mokkai.. really i dnt lik him aftr saw this movie....

  4. Have those who raises their voice now have raised when a politician crossed their roads, or when they waste people money while fighting in Parliament, FIGHT FOR WHAT IS NEEDED...If the film promotes drinking or insults boxing there are people who encourages corruption and are a being a insult to human race... Try to file a case against them..


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