When Nayanthara cried for 30 Minutes !

Actor Arya turned producer for his brother Sathya in Amarakaviyam, The star actor recently held a private screening of this production venture for his close friends and Nayanthara was one among those who saw the film. Sources report that Nayan wept for 30 minutes after watching the film which is actually a love story, She was reportedly telling her friends that the film rekindled her love memories.

Amarakaviyam Director Jeeva Shankar confirmed the news to Times of India stating  "Nayanthara, who is known to be emotionally strong, was touched by the story. After the screening, she wept for a very long time. In fact, even after getting back home, she wept. Five days after the screening, she called me and said that she could not stop thinking about the film. This is a great compliment for me as making someone laugh and cry is the most difficult part of film making."

Here is the trailer of the film 


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