Exclusive shots from Shankar's Ai Teaser !

The Kollywood fans are still awaiting the 90 second teaser of Shankar's Ai starring Chiyaan Vikram and Amy Jackson, Few lucky people from the industry have already seen the teaser and they were absolutely blown away with the visuals and effort put in Chiyaan.

Here are some of the exclusive shots which appear in the 90 second teaser.

  • There is a lorry which is riding on a bridge with a lot of wooden logs, Chiyaan Vikram (with Make-up) runs on these logs and one by one the logs roll and fall.
  • In another bridge Chiyaan Vikram (without make-up) wearing a red tshirt drives a bike which keeps changing, in fact the entire bike's color and body keeps changing through Animatronics http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animatronics
  • There is also a shot of Chiyaan Vikram without make-up and showcasing his body doing weighlighting. Then there is a shot of Vikram with make-up lifting huge tree trunks which ends with camera showing Vikram's half-face.
  • There is also several scenes from a song, where Vikram and Amy dance, and Vikram plays drums on colorful balloons and a shot of Vikram (with make-up) lifts Amy who is in a red Pattu saree.
  • The teaser ends with a shot of Amy Jackson locked up in a room with her arms tied and screaming Who are You ? Vikram (with make-up) closes the door. The Ai logo appears on the door and credits start to roll.

There is also a breaking buzz going around that the Audio launch of Ai will happen on September 15th at the Nehru Indoor Stadium where Arnold Schwarzenegger will be present and the entire audio launch will be telecasted Live.


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