Is this the story of Ai ?

Fans things are really hotting up regarding Shankar's Magnum opus Ai with Chiyaan Vikram, With the audio release date and film release date locked the buzz is just mounting to all new heights. Earlier there was buzz regarding the film's storyline, According to those reports  Ai revolves around three persons, A bodybuilder (Vikram)  a model (Amy Jackson) a doctor(Upen Patel) who get affected by a poisonous chemical. Reports added that Chiyaan will sport a look which will depict a person with his face affected by such chemical.

The rumors then subsided with time, However now that the complete details on the teaser was revealed it's evident that Chiyaan appears in three looks in the film 

  • A Bodybuilder weighing 120Kgs
  • A werewolf 
  • Crippled, Disfigured and a deformed person.
Sources now also report that the actual meaning of Ai's film title is Artificially made dangerous poison, Adding up Vikram's looks it's quite clear that the story which was earlier leaked could well be the actual story of the film.


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